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Our mission is to enrich peoples lives by creating exquisite living spaces. 

We achieve this by focussing on three core values Quality, Design and Value. 

We don’t accept the norm, for us to stock a tile it can’t just meet the ISO standards, it literally has to exceed them. As an example the Italy Rock range from Nanogress exceeds the ISO standard for water absorption by over 10 times. These are also full body tiles so great for developments.

A tile can’t just look good, it has to be exquisite. This comes down to the little details.  It needs to look good from both a distance and up close. Most tiles are created using old school screen or roller printing methods which don’t stand up to a close inspection and make it hard to have more than 4-6 faces in the design.  The Italy Rock collection is created using industry leading 3D ink jet technology and has 12 faces in the design. Come in for a closer look, the difference is obvious. 

Give us the opportunity to quote your project and we guarantee we’ll be able to give you an upgrade on quality or price if not both.


All our porcelain tiles are supplied by Nanogress.  We work exclusively with them because they help us achieve our mission. Their standards for quality are industry leading, exceeding all of the ISO standards for water absorption, straightness, surface curvature, and the list goes on.  Their designs are beautiful, from the complex designs of Disengaged to the subtle beauty of Flavor.  Every design works up close and from a distance.   


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